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If you don't speak up for what you want, you'll never get it

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Never ignore someone who loves you, cares for you, and misses you, because one day, you might wake up and realise, you lost the moon while counting the stars.
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If someone lets you walk out of their life keep walking. If someone walks out of your life let them. Don’t beg the people who leave to stay, you shouldn’t have to beg.

Forgive people, don’t forget, and don’t give third chances.
Do not forgive people who don’t deserve it just to keep them in your life.

Wear what you want, wear what you want, wear what you want.
Eat what you want because food is good and it’s okay to eat. Not eating won’t make anything better.

Saying no is okay. Being selfish with your food is okay.

Take care of yourself before others

You can’t help people that won’t accept your help.

Try to remember/accept that not everyone’s going to fuck you over and leave

It is not your responsibility to make and keep everyone happy, especially if it comes at your own expense.

Your feelings are fucking valid even if other people disagree with them, even if other people don’t like them they’re valid they’re valid stop apologizing for everything you feel.

Forget people who forget you. Don’t waste your energy caring about people who don’t care about you.

You will still see your friends after you go to college.

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